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InIn Estate - design, manufacturing, construction.


Private house construction in Tukums region

Private house construction in Mārupe

Private house construction in Mārupe

Private house construction in Garkalne

Private house renovation in Berģi

Private house construction in Salaspils

Slab foundation construction for a row house in Dreiliņi

Various works


Energy efficiency
Starting with thermal insulation and ending with the use of recycled materials, our priority is the energy efficiency of the building so that during operation, you can save on home bills.
Our individually crafted timber frame houses are built using maximally ecological materials, and throughout the construction process, environmentally friendly practices are employed.
Focusing on quality and attention to every detail, we create homes that satisfy each client's desires both in design and functionality.
Both the use of energy-efficient materials, smart home technologies, and individually tailored client preferences make the building unique to each client in its functionality.
SIA InIn Estate has concluded an agreement with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia to receive support within the framework of the event "Promotion of International Competitiveness", co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
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